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Summer in the Burgenland


The beautiful province Burgenland is situated in the Alpine Republic of Austria. It is Austria’s sunniest region which makes it the perfect place to enjoy a great summer holiday of sport, culture, relaxation, fitness, adventure, and nature. Whatever you’re looking for you’ll find it in Burgenland!.
Burgenland is a virtual paradise for sports fans. The many hours of sunshine allow you to enjoy your sport with the greatest of ease and comfort. Here you can enjoy sports such as rollerblading, jogging, biking, horse riding, golf, tennis, walking, hiking, and more. The Neusiedlersee lake has the perfect windy conditions for surfers and sailors who will also enjoy the pleasant, ambient temperatures of the Neusiedlersee lake.
In Burgenland you can enjoy really the beauty of a wonderful natural landscape. The Neusiedlersee lake and the Seewinkel National Park are full of some really great treats you should discover and explore - the breathtaking nature, the unique and very special flora and fauna which all means fun and adventure for old and young alike.
Culture and art are also important features of Burgenland. Here you can enjoy operas or operetta, medieval plays or Summer-theatre. Both List and Haydn lived and worked in Burgenland. And then there is the Mörbischer Seefestspiele festival on the spectacular lake-stage with the romantic background of the Neusiedlersee lake. Burgenland has also some great historical features that really are a ‘must-see’. The province is dotted with many fortresses such as the Forchtenstein fortress which are testament to historical importance of the region. A visit to one of the fortress makes for an exciting and adventurous trip for all the family.

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